Jet Ski Hire

Prepare yourself for an adrenalin pumping experience, as you & your family and/or friends thunder across the water in one of our high powered jetskis! Speed your way along the Gold Coast Broadwater, taking in all the breathtaking scenery along the way. Or you may prefer a more sedate ride, that is your choice. Our jetskis can comfortably fit 4 persons on board, so share the fun and excitement.Why not make a day (or maybe 2) of it, and bring along a picnic, and some fishing rods if that's what you like. I'ts easy to just make your way to one of the sun drenched shores and set up camp for a while

Types of jetskis (Subject to change)

Polaris Genesis 4 seater
1200cc 135hp fabulous family cruising ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-12F 3 Seater
1200cc plenty of power, looks great

All of our rental craft come equipped with Pfd2 life jackets, tow rope, paddle, anchor, boating & tide charts and GPS to enable you to find your way back in the event you become disorientated.

Sensational Gold Coast

Jet Ski World is located on the fabulous Gold Coast in Queensland (Australia). Sun, surf, sand, and clean air with a relaxed lifestyle, are just the start. There are a multitude tourist attractions, and things to see & do.

The Gold Coast boasts an average of 245 days of fine weather each year and daytime temperatures above 22 degrees for 279 days a year. Located on the Eastern seaboard of Australia just 80km south of the City of Brisbane.

Types of rental

Self Drive
You can hire our jetskis on a self drive basis which will allow you to travel anywhere within the Gold Coast Broadwater region for the period of your rental. (This is only recommended for people with previous jetski experience. A jetski licence is required).

Jetski Tour
This type of rental will allow you to still be in control of your ski, but under the supervision of an experienced coxswain who will lead the tour. (No licence is required for this type of hire, which makes it ideal for overseas visitors).

All rental craft are required to remain within the boundaries of the Broadwater at all times. Under no circumstances is any rental craft to be taken out of the seaway into open water.

Rental Periods
All jetskis are available for hire on a half day (4 hours) all day (8 hours) or 2 day (weekend) basis.



25 Gateway Drive, Labrador, QLD, 4215
Phone (07) 5537 9290 - Email
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